An introduction to Indoor Decals.


We have indoor wall decals alongside our outdoor art collections. 

Are you thinking that your walls look dull and empty? Are you considering sprucing them up but you’re put off by the amount of work or expense in repainting? Can’t afford right now the artwork you’ve seen or don’t want to put holes in your walls? INDOOR DECALS are a great alternative! 


Wall decals or wall stickers are vinyl stickers that are designed to stick to smooth walls. They are high quality and reusable.

When you are not ready for commitment.
If you rent your home or office space, move a lot, or you just like refreshing your look at home regularly, wall decals are perfect.

When you need balance.
If you think your room looks a bit plain, you use a wall decal sticker as an interesting feature. 

When you are into art but not nails.
Choose wall decal stickers that will add a touch of artistic flair without ruining your walls.



Practicality and Ease of Use.
Just peel back the side of the decal and stick it whenever you like.

So much choice.
Choose between our house collection or artist collaboration prints.

Very affordable.
Wall decal stickers are a lot cheaper than painting or artwork. For a minimal amount of money, you can redecorate your home or office and give it a fresh new look.

High quality.
These vinyl stickers are made to last. They are very durable and will last for years. Wall decal stickers are printed with vibrant, quality UV specialist inks. 

If you want to change your wall decal stickers, just peel them off. No one will ever know that it was there. They leave no marks, unlike wallpapers for example, that often leave stains and tears after you remove them.



* Use a damp cloth to clean your wall. Let the wall dry completely before proceeding. This step is important because walls have dust particles and residue that could affect the adhesion of the wall decal.

* Use painter’s tape to mark on the wall where the top & sides of the print should sit.  Peel 1" of the backing paper from the top edge and gently position it on the wall to preview the location.  We suggest using a level to make sure the decal is straight.

* Slowly peel the backing paper away from the print while using your fingers to smooth from the centre to the outer edge of the decal to avoid air bubbles. Take your time.


Wall decals are a great way to decorate your home or office. They are affordable, easy to use and maintain and there are so many options to choose from. If you’re not ready to purchase or hang a piece of artwork, why not try our wall decal stickers for yourself.

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