How to decorate with your own prints


Thanks to constantly evolving technology, most of us now walk around with a pretty sophisticated camera in our phones and it has never been easier to take a good quality photo.

One of the best ways to enjoy these photos and ensure your memories are front and centre is to turn them into unique prints that you can decorate your home with. 

Just A Little Bit Cool specialises in producing your photos as high quality, vibrant, waterproof artwork that won't fade with sun exposure or damage due to moisture and can be enjoyed indoors or out, all year round.  AND we can do this in time for Christmas, what a perfect gift for someone you love!


It can be hard for couples to decide on a piece of artwork; one might prefer tropical artworks while the other favours coastal scenes. One thing you've got a good chance of agreeing on though are photos that you have taken yourselves while on holiday or family photos, as there is a connection where the image has a personal meaning to both of you and this is always a good way to find some middle ground and to produce a unique and awesome outcome!

If you've got a collection of photos you'd like to display together you may want to consider creating a gallery wall. Gallery walls (especially popular for family photos) work well in spaces where you can pass slowly and appreciate each piece or when placed over something, for example a bed, sofa or side table. Don't be afraid to mix up the size of your prints either.

Think outside the box for display ideas.  Our waterproof prints can be displayed indoors, outdoors and are perfect for bathrooms & kitchens.  They can be wall mounted or placed on furniture or on a shelving unit which brings a relaxed vibe to the room.  You may also like to install slimline shelving which is just for the purpose of displaying artworks - just ensure that you mix up the sizes of the prints to create interest. 

Why not use your beautiful photos to make your home interesting, welcoming and stylish. I hope you've been inspired by this.
Deb x

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