Flight by TAMAASA
Flight by TAMAASA

Flight by TAMAASA

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The easily recognisable style of TAMAASA depicts native fauna and wildlife infused into surrealist fantastical imagery, with her recognisable neon and black contrasts being a backdrop in digital, fine art and graphic works.


Signed by the artist.

Mounting kit included.

Ideal for indoors or outdoors. Made from a compressed foam board that repels moisture with a specialist UV vinyl print & laminate to withstand the harshest outdoor elements.

All INDOOR options are mounted on a 10mm board and are suitable for indoor use only.  We do not guarantee this product for use outdoors.

All OUTDOOR options are mounted on a 16mm board and are suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

300mm is mounted on 10mm board and suitable for both indoors & outdoors.


For twenty years, Tamaasa has been producing her unique and recognisable artwork as a fine art on canvas and now offers her artwork for outdoors. Add a beautiful piece of Tamaasa's artwork to your collection today!