With a background in fashion and a love for modern art and all things cool, the idea for this business came around when searching for an outdoor artwork piece that continued the vibe of the artwork hanging inside our home that my husband and I have collected over the last decade together.  Frustrated with the lack of outdoor wall art available that suited our unique style I began to think: What if other people are having the same problem? Just like that, Just a Little Bit Cool was born! Now anyone can access artwork that suits their vibe from artists who gain inspiration from coastal, tropical, Kiwiana and elements around them.
Just a Little Bit Cool is a purveyor of wall art, both indoor and outdoor, and a collaborator with recognised Kiwi artists. We specialises in providing weatherproof artwork for homes looking to brighten up their spaces inside and outdoors or to expand their art collections . Our seasonal collections are ever-changing, offering the results of fresh collaborations to New Zealand art collectors and home decorators alike.
A growing number of successful NZ artists collaborate with Just a Little Bit Cool. Each is an established artist with a body of work already celebrated in New Zealand, with many pieces featuring in the public or private collections of art collectors around the country. Our vision is to bring these beautiful creations to anyone who enjoys them, allowing the beautiful indoor and outdoor artwork to be showcased in the home of anyone whose eye it catches. 
Deb  x